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UKIP’s Rise

Much political time as passed since the Local Elections which saw UKIP’s power and following truly illuminated. The response Farage has culminated over such a short period highlights a number of concerns within British society. However, the way in which the three main parties have chosen to combat the rise of Farage is, in my opinion, completely misguided. 

Farage has inspired a debate regarding the future of Britain’s position in the European Union; however, this is more a cultural debate, rather than a policy-based debate. That meaning, the three main parties, or perhaps primarily Labour and Conservatives, are choosing to address this through the typical political way: a debate leading to a decision on a referendum. However, what UKIP highlights is a major anxiety which undercuts British society; Farage is looking at culture, rather than politics – to which most people are seemingly apathetic. Of course, the irony of this is that as a political party, UKIP would most likely be completely disastrous – one only has to observe the £120bn black-hole within their budget policies

There is a fear within society that jobs are being threatened by mass immigration. Not only jobs, but general freedom: of speech, of appearance, etc. Indeed, much of these fears may be myth, and jobs are threatened by bleak economic outlook rather than mass immigration. Nonetheless it seems innate human nature that the individual has to quantify the unquantifiable: this inexpressible and misguided hate has to be directed and attributed to something or someone, and usually that is the minority. As a consequence, parties like UKIP and BNP see a rise in votes because they offer short-term solutions, or speak for the “common man” when, in fact, the short-term is just papers over the cracks. 

Digression aside, Farage and his party have the right idea. They address the core and the centre of the issue; they do, in fact, voice the concerns of the common man, whereas the major parties voice the concerns of the actual economic and political outlook. As horrible and shallow as this may seem, government has diplomatic relationships to maintain whilst also public confidence and support. Yet, the diplomatic relations is what keeps the high streets booming and the job market sufficient. That is the harsh reality. UKIP, however, ignore the diplomatic aspect and say what people want to hear. 

I personally see Farage as a opportunist, feeding on the fears of modernity and change, rather than offering any remedy to the political, social and cultural ills. Whether they will continue to rise into 2015 will be interesting the track. Much alike the 2010 election, they will replace the Liberal Democrats: the wild-card party who really think they will offer a new change only soon to disillusion the voters. 

K Independence Party former leader Nigel Farage talks to friends at his local pub in Downe, Kent

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Letter to the Prime Minister – Richard Dawkins, in the words of Williams.

Hello, you,

Merry Christmas! I don’t mean it at all. I’m sure you’re celebrating it with your family, understandably, even the most devilish of people have hearts – or in your case, a rock. Congratulations on all the bad press you’ve been getting lately, by the way! I must say, the riots and then pulling out of the EU; my God, people thought you went mental. Then (oh, and then) you went and annoyed every single racist in the country by adopting that American term “Holiday” instead of Christmas, because it may offend. Which, I do say, is truly understandable, again.

I’m sure you’re singing carols with your family and reading sections of the bible – the King James Bible, though! No Eton-Oxbridge student dare touch any other! Enjoying it, I presume? Of course not. Silly me to even think you may enjoy something other than making brutal cuts to our economy that, sadly, do need to take place, but in moderation, rather than cutting away like this is some sort of slasher movie and you’re the protagonist from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Alas, oh dear David, the low income families of this once great Britain will have to suffer a more Jehovas Witness Christmas this year, without that religion malarky though – basically they just lack presents – but I’m sure you’ll think of something to say along the lines of: “Christmas is a time of giving love, rather than gifts, because no gift is greater than the gift of love” and then you’ll get your good old friend Georgey Osbourne to brag about the “economy seeing signs of growth!” even though we all know its just a fluctuation, but you shouldn’t care about economic growth, Dave, for “its about giving love” not gifts!

The Queen’s speech, tomorrow, I’m sure you’re delighted to know! I do hope you’ll be saying a few words along the way but I somewhat doubt it; a rumbling stomach simply cannot wait for Jeffery’s (your butler) delightful bird in a bird in a bird which, no doubt, he has shot and killed it himself from one of your fathers plots of land, or at least a Lord’s plot of land, in exchange for having a bloody wind turbine in their garden for 6 months.

In other less irreverent news, you gave your speech recently (15th December) on what you call “troubled families” and then that bloddy Dick Peg-leg Clegg only went and copied you in giving a speech on open societies. Good idea by the both of you, I must say! Take everybodies mind off the fact we’re heading for a total shit-storm by talking about things no-one really cares about; but, hey! at least nobody is rioting! I loved that quote “we will not fix these problems without revolution in responsibility”. It was somewhat ironic really because when other people revolutionise, say, capitalism by, oh, I don’t know, “Occupying London” you dislike it! It’s all well and good when we’re revolting in the ways you like. And you must have regretted reading that one out! It”s just asking to be paraphrased by some crooked Daily Mail journalist who probably worked for you once with “We will not fix these problems.” as the headline. Nevermind though, eh? It’s Christmas!

And what about him, eh? That bloody droopy-faced-characterless moron they call Ed Milliband. Trying to get “in” with the Lib Dems by openly offering them to sign some sort of stupid deal that will save us severing the ties with the US and Europe. Let’s be honest though, the US only provides us with Western ideals that we don’t need, Oil, fat people and burger king. They stole our language and defecated all over it, they took our way of life and pissed all over it and then, the bastards, they made everybody fat. Not only that, they drag us into every war they get into and blame it on Communism and Socialism.

I must, though, congratulate you on finally doing something right. Infrastructure is key to making our economy grow; Merkel would be proud! She loves her industrialism. Then again, so did Hitler.. And look where that got him. I’ve got to say though, if you really want to cut the deficit there’s an awful helicopter that constantly roams Salford, Manchester at ridiculous hours hoping to find some sort of wrong-doings but I’m almost certain they never have!

Anyhow, to wrap things up I bid a Merry Christmas to your familiy and most importantly, your pet, Nick. You, on the other hand, can probably just stop doing what you’re doing, realise your policies aren’t working that well, your speeches are fooling no-one and you’re probably going to witness some severe riots in the forseeable future. On the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to read one of those speeches on families and the big society, you so dearly love!



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