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Brian Coleman’s Diatribe

Brian Coleman – possibly known entirely for his sexual assault in May and his subsequent expulsion from the Tory party – wrote a soul-crushing 6,000 word diatribe in which he embarks upon a verbal crusade against a number of other Councillors. A few of my personal favourites are below: 

Cllr Rowan Quigley Turner – “Decided to add his wife’s surname to his when he got married (against advise) which makes him sound like a snob or a poof or even worst a feminist”

Cllr Bridget Perry – “Brighter than she looks”

Cllr Stephen Sowerberry – “Engaged to a very nice girl he met on the Internet .”

Cllr Reuben Thompstone – “Recently married a nice girl from Nigeria he met on the Internet.”

Cllr Lisa Rutter – “always looks a million dollars despite being no spring chicken”

Besides already being a complete pariah, he decided to nonetheless publish the post knowing that he has until May 2014 before being excommunicated. Council leader Richard Cornelius responded: “It’s all very unnecessary but I’m never surprised by anything Brian does these days.” 

I prefer Gary Coleman to Brian. 


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