Israel: The New “White Man’s Burden”

Obama, in a recent visit to Israel, declared a solemn obligation to the safety and security of Israel as a nation. As much as I respect Obama and support him and his policies, I find the nature of his support to Israel somewhat precarious. Indeed, the Palestine/Israel conflict is something that needs to be addressed and ameliorated,  however I find issue in doing this by providing military assistance of anywhere up to an assumed £132 million – especially with such large debts. 

However, the issue doesn’t solely concern economical factors for me. America has a large industry and has illustrated signs of growth under the Obama administration. What I do find difficult to comprehend is this, perhaps false, ideology of equality that Obama preaches in his own country regarding race, sex, and age, but then when in Israel he clearly defines his agenda and support for one nation. Instead of finding a resolution he’s evidently supporting an aggressive and hostile regime – I’m not suggesting that if he supported Palestine, he wouldn’t be supporting a belligerent regime, I just think aid and funding can be offered in other areas such as rebuilding infrastructure. 

Moreover, I can’t understand Obama arguing against the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – which endangers hundreds of citizens – I must clear up that I strongly disagree with the Second Amendment. He argues that a safer nature will be available if weapons are correctly and effectively managed and organised. Schools would be safer, streets would be safer, whole areas ridden with gun violence would be safer. Yet he contradicts and undermines his own argument by providing arms through the guise of aid to aggressive, war-ridden nations. The same was seen in Syria and Libya and it only exasperated deteriorating political conditions. 

This leads me to question Obama as an individual; are there ulterior motives in his leadership? Is he the libertarian American longs for? Or does he just conform to a long line of militaristic Presidents intent upon expanding America beyond it’s already conquered lands. Another country bound by economic pressure of America would benefit the American’s massively and I wonder if Obama’s front is beginning to wear thin in his second term. 

On the contrary, one might argue that Obama is simply trying to contain the mess which was created by previous administrations and that the effects are irreversible; however I think we have seen that this is not the case from the sheer magnitude of the money he has contributed. I fear the creation of another Al-Qaeda based group operating within Israel and Palestine. 

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6 thoughts on “Israel: The New “White Man’s Burden”

  1. aelag says:

    Please note that Mr. Obama has no voice in this matter (Aid to Israel).
    The American body politic would be seriously damaged without the powerful forces that support Israel.
    We have to learn to live with this fact.
    The Palestinians are simply expendable, even the rest of the Arab/Moslem world are not too keen on a free and democratic Palestinian state for very obvious reasons.

    • PPPolitics says:

      I find it difficult to agree with this point of view. A number of Palestinians and Israelites have demonstrated a desire to work together towards a unified country which will coexist with religious tolerance; the speech by Mr Obama to Israeli students was attended by a number of Palestinians who expressed a sincere hope for efforts to create peace. I think it’s somewhat disconcerting, however, that you believe the Palestinians to be “expendable,” it only serves to illustrate that although they may be ready, the west is not. Is Obama and American/Western intervention only holding back prospects of unification and peace? To some extent, I believe so.

      • aelag says:

        Dear oh dear.
        Its seems that I am unable to make my self understood.
        Irony seems to be lost on you…………………………..

      • PPPolitics says:

        The prosody which underlines your comment is hardly clear, even to the most perceptive of minds. Perhaps if you consider dropping your attitude and engaging in fruitful debate rather than “ironic” comments only to be followed up by an even more pitiful response then we can get somewhere. Otherwise, knowledge seems to be “lost on you……………”

      • aelag says:

        I am sorry, do try again!

      • aelag says:

        JUST GO AWAY!

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