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Israeli dangerous, but we’ll go in anyway!

America, the war mongering psychopaths they already are, have taken to dizzy new heights by entering Israel. 9000 troops are entering Israel without much media attention and are suspected of attacking Tehran; however, the American’s have obviously said they’re not going to do that and it’s all for some military testing. Haven’t we heard that before? Yeah, they also said they weren’t going to fight in Vietnam, they were just going to send some military advisers over! And they also said Iraq had WMD’s but has anyone found any of them? I thought not!

It’s not been a secret that tensions between the two have been significantly high recently, and as soon as Iran “hijacked” the American drone, a constant backfire of words and arguments has resulted in this. Many have speculated the escapade but nobody expected it to happen so soon.

Apparently, the two countries are going to hold a missile olympics to see who has the bigger bullets and then presumably fire them at each other. The concern isn’t with the missiles being fired as this was confirmed a long while ago, what is the major issue is the fact it takes 9000 American troops to do so. That’s a lot of people in Israel and could be perceived as an act of imperialism and a threat to the nations national defence (or so they’ll say) and that could end up in all out war. New command posts will begin to be in operation throughout Israel and it seems inevitable for it all to eventually kick off.

The only problem is, there’s a bit of the Cuban missile crisis going on. Personally I think it’s only a matter of time before someone presses the big red button that says “Apocalyspe Now!” (ooh, war movie reference related to Vietnam).

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Piss off, Daily Mail.

That goes to their brainless readers, too. The Daily Mail have, once again, become pricks over the New Year. A time of celebration and good-will and the Daily Mail comes along and drags us all back to the underworld of reality. Why am I so angry? Because the Daily Mail, in all their hypocrisy, have written an article and complained about the pre-watershed exposure of Lara Pulver. Now, let’s just get one thing absolutely clear here, you have a page 3 model page, full of exploitation of the female body, to any reader that comes along and see’s it. The paper thrives upon celebrity “news” and attempts to have an input on politics and current affairs by giving half-educated opinions on whatever they feel like. The paper consistently complains about the downfall of the British public when it only has itself to blame for feeding the masses utter shit that it spews from its metaphorical mouth. The irony here is the fact that the paper plastered an image of the beautiful Lara Pulver across the page of the newspaper which can be viewed both online and in print. Pot, meet the fucking kettle. The Daily Mail has managed to once again piss everyone off in its utter hypocrisy, how it manages to maintain readership I have NO idea – it’s probably due to it’s page 3 models (which, of course, they no doubt condemn).

Although this contradicts my title of “PPPolitics” and this is not necessarily political, I will be adding another post later on about something political. I haven’t gone soft!

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Don’t worry. Keep your head up. It’ll be okay.

Apparently so, anyway. This is what Labour’s new policy seems to be, it doesn’t have too much to it. What Labour have suggested is “remain optimistic”, which is pretty obvious considering it probably couldn’t get that much worse. What Milliband should have probably said was “We’re close to rock bottom, really. It could get a little bit bumpier, double dip, few recessionary measures handled by that Etonian and his best mates in their ‘light-handed manner’, EU issues, but nothing we’ve not had to deal with; three more years to go and we might just get me to sort things out”.

Oh, Eddie, how I love your charismatic approach to serious issues. I myself am a strong Labour supporter. I do, in fact, hope at the General Election of 2015 that Milliband finds his voice and does something great and pulls a trick out of the bag, or at least Cameron to gets into a limousine and calls someone from Bradford a peasant (I can dream!). At the same time, I also hope good ol’ Eddie stops being such a tool and starts working things out properly. I hope he realises his manifesto isn’t that great, Ball’s and His ideas are on par with Cameron’s and Osborne’s and he can continue to slate Cameron as much as he likes but until he finds some sort of better alternative I suggest he does what the rest of us are having to do and deal with it.

Being completely honest, I can already predict some extent of the speech. It’ll go along the lines of Him saying we need to help the squeezed middle class and encourage public spending. He’ll target the public sector and defend them to his death bed because, after all, he’s a socialist (in the New Labour sense) and that’s what we do. Sadly, however, he’ll fall into the “tax and spend” trap which never really solves anything. Cameron tried encouraging public spending earlier last year and it really didn’t do much for the economy.

What I suggest is he edges on the debt relief side of things (providing Cameron doesn’t already use this). It was around the ’80’s when a lot of money was given to Sudan and over the years after changing interest rates, the debt rose to £678 million. Sudan have asked for debt relief, now if Britain essentially say “okay, you don’t owe us it, providing this contributes towards the target of spending 0.7 per cent of the national income”. That could effectively help Britain “cancel out” some of our debt and get us on track for targets.

We’ll see what 2012 has to offer for us, but I suspect internationally it’s going to be rather interesting.

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America has officially lost the plot.

Luckily, this won’t happen to me, because I’m not American. Obama, that guy I used to think was friendly because he had children and a dog, has become some sort of Gadaffi-esque belligerent psychopath by signing the NDAA. The NDAA is an act that no-one is supposed to hear about due to its completely psychotic nature. It basically allows the US Government and army to detain and torture US Citizens (I hope, otherwise I’m done for) speaking out against the country and/or its politics on Facebook, Twitter etc. It completely contradicts the whole first amendment that they so righteously “adhere” to and flaunt as part of the American dream. I don’t know how this is going to affect the whole presidential election but if those presidential candidates continue to run for presidency then, Jesus Christ, I would not want to be an American citizen for the next four years. Obama has stated he didn’t really want to sign it but he had to – you know, just to be safe – that and the fact he’s propbably slightly pissed off at all those ‘hippies’ that go by the name of Occupy Wall Street. If they start disappearing one by one, they’re probably in a new Guantanamo Bay type area.

I genuinely don’t know what’s going on anymore. This is probably the craziest thing I’ve witnessed America do since Bush got voted for a second term, and they’ve done some pretty crazy shit. I’ll be honest, “killing” bin Laden was an impressive thing. It, to some extent, guaranteed a second term for Obama, he gave the people what they wanted. Then he Launched to track spending from the Recovery Act, providing transparency and allowing the public to report fraud, waste, or abuse, which was pretty nice. And then he goes and blows it all up by becoming a dictator. Never mind, Obama, you sort of did well.

I’m pondering on the idea that an American u-turn could, perhaps, be on the horizon. Public opinion is not going to be high on this one now it’s gone viral.

This is just the start to 2012, too. It begs the question: What’s in store for the rest of the year? I think I can safely say that it’s going to be just as bad as 2011, if not worse. We may as well begin looking forwards to 2013 now, because, after all, the future is bright!

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